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Alone in the Night is a book and film package featuring the poignant and gripping stories and history surrounding 50 Great Lakes lighthouses and their keepers.

The Book

The Alone in the Night book is a compelling journey to the lighthouses that operated on the shores and lonely islands of Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island and the North Channel. It peels back dusty layers of history, revealing the heroic and the scandalous, the gritty and routine aspects of this remarkable chapter of Canada’s marine heritage.

In addition to featuring stories from the over 50 lighthouses, the book traces the fascinating evolution of lightkeeping on the Canadian Great Lakes for the first time - why lighthouses were built, what they looked like, who kept the lights, and how they worked. Over 400 archival photographs, maps and relevant site information complement the text, and help bring this era back to life.

The Film

The film offers an adventure, where the audience visits different lighthouses with former lightkeepers. Archival photographs, breathtaking shots of the lights, underwater photography and character voices add to the riveting portrait of over 135 years of lightkeeping on Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island, and the North Channel.

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