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Since 1988, Lynx Images has been creating books and films that help deepen appreciation of this country's history. For several years we have focused on the Great Lakes, travelling extensively by boat, car, and airplane. Our books and films are intended to enliven your explorations, whether by road or by water. Included in this catalogue are other quality Great Lakes books not published by Lynx Images. Thank you for your input and support--revenue goes directly toward future history projects.

Castles in the North: Canada's Grand Hotels

Castles in the North: Canada's Grand Hotels
Project Producers: Barbara Chisholm, Russell Floren & Andrea Gutsche

304-page hardcover book and companion 70-minute video
Castles of the North the book and film, celebrates the magnifcent history of Canada's grand hotels, buildings that are among the country's most recognized and storied landmarks. Step behind the doors of these venerable old buildings to hear the voices from the past: the guests who frequented them, the events that rocked them, and the ghosts that now haunt them. Both the book and film reveals the exceptional beauty of these grand places, and offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse of the hotels in action, and of their hidden spaces. Captivating archival footage draws the viewer through the evolving eras.

THE BOOK: 304-page hardcover book featuring entertaining portraits of the historic grand hotels by distinguished writers from across the country; lavishly illustrated with 400 photographs; includes 35 grand hotels from coast to coast and offers additional information on hotels that are now gone, or that were planned but never built
THE FILM: Lavish cinematography and fascinating archival footage. Visit locations the public is never allowed to see including hidden and abandoned spaces.
ISBN 1-894073-16-9 video and book package $59.95
ISBN 1-894073-14-2 hardcover book (9"x10") $39.95
ISBN 1-894073-15-0 video (70 minutes) $29.95
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A Century of Canadian Cinema:
Gerald Pratley's Feature Film Guide

1900 to the Present
By Gerald Pratley

Over 2,000 Feature Films--Made for Cinema and Television The good, the great, the bad and the worse--they're all here...

Indulge your love of Canadian films with A Century of Canadian Cinema. Each entertaining review contains the film's director, writer, actors, plot, length and year of production. The guide contains films from the industry's earliest beginnings in Canada right up to the latest releases--from 1920s silent films to David Cronenberg and Denys Arcand--and it offers insight from a long-time industry observer into how and why these films have made an impact on the Canadian film industry and Canadian society.

From plaid jacket and toque-wearing films shot in the Arctic to co-productions filmed in tropical climes, and from films shot in six weeks on a shoestring to ten-year ordeals that nearly meant the end of everyone involvedŠ our directors and actors have done it all. Using the guide's convenient cross-indexing, follow the first big breaks, the rollercoaster rides, and the latest endeavours of your favourite Canadian talent.

Through his distinguished career, Gerald Pratley has made an extraordinary impact on Canadian cinema. In 1948, he became CBC's first film critic and commentator, broadcasting every week until 1976. He founded the Ontario Film Institute in 1968 and has been active in the industry ever since. Numerous honours have been awarded to Mr. Pratley in appreciation of his years of commitment. Among them are the Queen's Jubilee Medal, the Order of Canada, an Honourary Doctor of Letters, and a Special Genie Award for his exceptional support and encouragement of achievement and excellence in Canadian cinema.

ISBN 1-894073-21-5
6" x 9", 416 pages

Disaster Canada: Canadian Disasters from the 1700s to Today
By Janet Looker

Travel across the country from our rough beginnings to the present exploring the history of our most fascinating and devastating catastrophes. Stories and photographs expose the core of the human animal--our will to survive, our heroism, selflessness and extraordinary capacity to face the worst. Beneath the shocking headlines emerges the richer story of Canada’s sometimes painful growth, and the subtler and long-lasting effects of tragedy that continue to enlighten and imbue us with hope.

288 pages, over 200 b & w photographs, $24.95

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General Stores of Canada:
Merchants and Memories

By Rae Fleming

208 page book/over 300 pictures
Filled to the brim with groceries and clothing, these stores had so much more to offer. They were the centre of the community, where people told stories, shared news and advice, and even borrowed money. In General Stores of Canada: Merchants and Memories, R.B. Fleming explores our relationship with the general store, once an institution at the heart of every Canadian town. Indeed, many towns and cities were first established by a store, Quebec and Vancouver among them. The book explores the eclectic architecture of general stores, and it ponders their history, from the barter of butter and eggs to the occasional murder.

book $24.95

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Pirates and Outlaws of Canada
1610 to 1932
By Edward Butts

For over three hundred years, lawlessness kept pace with the march of European civilization across the land now called Canada. While some made their way with the plough and the trapline, others sought their fortune with a cutlass or a pistol.

Pirates & Outlaws takes the reader to a time when pirates prowled the Atlantic coast and outlaws roamed the western and far northern frontiers. It is the story of their adventures, their crimes, their contributions, and for some, their bloody, untimely deaths. From the notorious pirate Peter Easton, still celebrated in Newfoundland, to the homicidal "Mad Trapper" of the Yukon, each tale is a thrilling and suspenseful adventure. Pirates & Outlaws--the first popular history of piracy and brigandry on Canada's soil and in her waters--gives a unique perspective on the dark side of Canadian history.

ISBN 1-894073-35-5
6" x 9", 250 pages

Palaces of the Night:
Canada's Grand Theatres

By John Lindsay

There was no place like it. With its towering marquees, majestic lobbies and magnificent auditoriums, the movie palace was right out of fantasy, transporting moviegoers to the exotic world of the cinema. This entertaining book chronicles the history of Canada's grand theatres from the birth of vaudeville theatres and the opera houses, through the rise and fall of the beloved movie palaces. Original photographs and fascinating stories reveal these enchanted palaces as national treasures.
228 page book, colour inset - $14.95

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The Royal Tour of Canada: The 1939 Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI

By RB Fleming

In 1939 Canadians welcomed their King and Queen in an almost rapturous manner, for the Royal Tour of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth marked the first time a reigning monarch had visited this country. This book of photographs shows the enthusiastic faces of ordinary Canadians and dignitaries, the cities in which they lived, the security surrounding the tour and the cameramen who captured this sweeping event in photographs and movies. The accompanying text provides fascinating insight and compelling behind-the-scenes details. Information was gathered from such sources as Prime Minister Mackenzie King's diaries, papers from the Secretary of State and Governor, General, newspapers and biographies of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.
ISBN 1-894073-37-1
128 pages, 10"x8"

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The Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore:
An Illustrated History of Railway Stations in Canada

Ron Brown
This book is a celebration of the marvelous heritage of train stations in Canada. Styles of architecture, stories, and the decline of the stations are all addressed. The text is complemented by 185 archival photos and 24 pages of modern-day shots of the stations200 pages with b/w and colour photographs and illustrations VHS $24.95

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Northern Lights: Lighthouses of Canada
By David Baird

For the very first time, Northern Lights, draws together the story of Canadian lighthouses. The book is filled with Dr. David Baird's striking colour and black and white photographs of the lights from coast to coast, including the Great Lakes. The accompanying text traces the fascinating evolution of the Canadian lights, Canadian technological developments, and fascinating information and stories about the lights and the people who kept them.
257 page book/200 lighthouses/300 b & w and colour photographs - $9.95

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