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Since 1988, Lynx Images has been creating books and films that help deepen appreciation of this country's history. For several years we have focused on the Great Lakes, travelling extensively by boat, car, and airplane. Our books and films are intended to enliven your explorations, whether by road or by water. Included in this catalogue are other quality Great Lakes books not published by Lynx Images. Thank you for your input and support--revenue goes directly toward future history projects.

Ghosts of the Bay:
The Forgotten History of Georgian Bay

By Andrea Gutsche, Barbara Chisholm & Russell Floren

300 page book and companion 92 minute video
Over 16,000 copies sold! Take a journey to Georgian Bay's forgotten past. Visit an eerie world of shipwrecks, abandoned boom towns and missions. These worn monuments emerge with their tales of adventure, scandal and folklore, revealing the lively and often brutal experiences of those who dared to make a life on these shores.Highlights over 140 sites, with archival photographs and 50 maps.
book and video package $49.95
book $24.95 and video $29.95

How to order CircleTo Read excerpts and learn intreguing stories about Georgian Bay press Ghosts

Mysterious Islands:Forgotten Tales of the Great Lakes
Andrea Gutsche, Cindy Bisaillon

300-page book & 72-minute video
An island ruled by a king who declared it his own country, an island used as a hideout by a notorious pirate, an island mined by pre-historic copper miners... these are only a few of the stories in this remarkable collection. The book and film, Mysterious Islands, is a fascinating historical journey to islands in the vast basin of the five Great Lakes. Standing removed and alone, islands have been central to some of the most important, outrageous and tragic events in Great Lakes history, from a decisive and bloody naval battle in the War of 1812, to Prohibition rumrunning, to harrowing tales of shipwreck and rescue. The waves of time have left many islands behind, but remnants of the past still mark their shores- burial grounds, grand hotels, abandoned quarries, lighthouses, strategic forts, and even a castle. Indispensable for boaters, this guide book is brimming with stories of island names, shipwrecks, abandonded places, folklore and intrigue.
296pp. photos & illus. sc 1999

book and video package $49.95
book $24.95 and video $29.95

How to order CircleTo Read about some of the intreguing stories featured in Islands

The North Channel and St. Mary's River:
A Guide to the History

By Andrea Gutsche and Barbara Chisholm

For centuries, Lake Huron's North Channel and St. Mary's River have provided an essential passageway, first for native peoples and then to successive waves of Europeans. The footprints of Indians, explorers, missionaries and fur traders, soldiers and settlers, entrepreneurs and scoundrels are ever visible. Brimming with stories and folklore, the book includes over
125 sites, maps and archival photographs. 330 pages $24.95

How to order CircleFor More About the North Channel and St. Mary's River

Places Lost: In Search of Newfoundland's Resettled Communities
By Scott Walden

In the 1950s and 60s the federal and provincial governments closed hundreds of fishing communities along isolated sections of the Newfoundland coastline. Join writer and photographer Scott Walden as three decades later he searches amongst the weathered remnants of these ghost towns for the people and places that were lost.
ISBN 1-894073-33-9
8.5 x 8.5, 128 pages, $30.00

Superior: Under the Shadow of the Gods
Andrea Gutsche, Barbara Chisholm and Russell Floren

320-page book & 72-minute video
his breathtaking film and book reveals Lake Superior as a world belonging to the gods. The human experience here is one of challenge- our attempts to exploit this place have left ghost towns and other fading marks on these wild and rugged shores. Rare archival footage and photographs, voices from the past, stunning cinematography and a haunting score enrich these compelling sagas. The book includes over 200 sites, maps and archival photographs.
96pp. photos & 1999

book and video package $49.95
book $24.95 and video $29.95

How to order CircleFor More About the Book and Film

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