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Ghost Cover Ghosts of the Bay

Ghosts of the Bay is both a feature-length documentary film and a companion guide book to the remarkable history of Lake Huronís Georgian Bay.

The Guide Book

The stories in the book can be enjoyed at home, or the book can be brought along on a journey through Georgian Bay. Ghosts of the Bay transforms the ordinary into an expedition to discover the haunting vestiges of Georgian Bayís forgotten past, now an eerie world of shipwrecks, ghost towns, fishing camps, lumber villages, and native sites. These worn monuments emerge with their colourful tales of adventure, scandal and folklore, revealing the lively and often brutal experiences of those who dared to make a life on these shores.

The 300-page guide book highlights 140 sites, 50 maps and archival stills, and is filled with stories gleaned from four years of extensive research.

The Film

In the 90-minute Ghosts of the Bay we follow a group of travellers as they search out Georgian Bayís deep mysteries. Viewers will discover ghost towns, abandoned fishing villages and lumber mills. On this fascinating journey, the past comes alive though rare archival film and photographs, animation, character voices, and stunning underwater photography of shipwrecks.

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Your library of Great Lakes history and travel will be sadly incomplete without a copy of Ghosts of the Bay ... Video done in the style of a top-flight PBS documentary.