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North Cover The North Channel and St. Mary's River

A Guide to the History

296-page guide book

Andrea Gutsche, Barbara Chisholm, Russell Floren

The Book

Brimming with stories, folklore and eccentric frontier characters, the North Channel and St. Mary's River book pulls you along on an engaging journey of discovery, stretching from the ancient quartzite hills of La Cloche, west along Manitoulin Island and the North Channel, to the St. Mary's River and the two Saults. For centuries, Lake Huron's North Channel and St. Mary's River have provided an essential passageway, first for native peoples and then for successive waves of Europeans. The footprints of Indians, explorers, missionaries and fur traders, soldiers and settlers, entrepreneurs and scoundrels are ever visible. Over 125 sites, maps, and archival photographs highlight shipwrecks, abandoned forts, frontier towns and hidden places.

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