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Since 1988, Lynx Images has been creating books and films that help deepen appreciation of this country's history. For several years we have focused on the Great Lakes, travelling extensively by boat, car, and airplane. Our books and films are intended to enliven your explorations, whether by road or by water. Included in this catalogue are other quality Great Lakes books not published by Lynx Images. Thank you for your input and support--revenue goes directly toward future history projects.

Alone in the Night:
Lighthouses of Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island, and the North Channel

By Andrea Gutsche, Barbara Chisholm & Russell Floren

300 page book and companion 72 minute video
Traces the evolution of 130 years of lightkeeping by revealing the heroic and the scandalous, the gritty and routine aspects of this remarkable chapter of marine history. The book, featuring over 50 lighthouses, stories, and 400 photographs, is among the most comprehensive written on Great Lakes lighthouses.300 pages with 400 archival images, maps
book and video package $49.95

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Disaster Canada: Canadian Disasters from the 1700s to Today
By Janet Looker

Travel across the country from our rough beginnings to the present exploring the history of our most fascinating and devastating catastrophes. Stories and photographs expose the core of the human animal--our will to survive, our heroism, selflessness and extraordinary capacity to face the worst. Beneath the shocking headlines emerges the richer story of Canada's sometimes painful growth, and the subtler and long-lasting effects of tragedy that continue to enlighten and imbue us with hope.

288 pages, over 200 b & w photographs, $24.95

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Megan Long

Disaster Great Lakes chronicles nearly fifty of the most terrible events to strike people and surrounding communities on the five Great Lakes.

Erratic weather on the Great Lakes has brought down ships from War of 1812 schooners to the legendary Edmund Fitzgerald. On shore, great fires devastated young cities like Chicago and Toronto and cut huge swaths through the forests, leaving thousands dead. Train wrecks, explosions and environmental disasters like the Love Canal have been painful catalysts of change.

In all the stories, the myriad ways people respond in times of crisis reveal the human core in all its complexity. Richly told and illustrated with dramatic archival images, this 148-page book includes a map and a concise list of the worst catastrophes in American and Canadian Great Lakes history.
148pages with b/w photographs $24.95

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Enchanted Summers:
The Grand Hotels of Muskoka

By Cameron Taylor

172 page book and 50 minute companion video
This entertaining documentary brings back the romantic era of the heyday of Muskoka's grand hotels. Filled with fascinating archival shots and captivating 16 mm footage of the hotel sites as they now stand. Original 78 recordings evoke the unique spirit of each decade. The book features rare photographs and memorabilia from private collections; and humorous and poignant reminiscences from the people who ran the hotels, worked at them, and enjoyed summer after summer in their graceful surroundings.
book/video pkg $49.95
book $24.95 and video $29.95

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General Stores of Canada:
Merchants and Memories

By Rae Fleming

208 page book/over 300 pictures
Filled to the brim with groceries and clothing, these stores had so much more to offer. They were the centre of the community, where people told stories, shared news and advice, and even borrowed money. In General Stores of Canada: Merchants and Memories, R.B. Fleming explores our relationship with the general store, once an institution at the heart of every Canadian town. Indeed, many towns and cities were first established by a store, Quebec and Vancouver among them. The book explores the eclectic architecture of general stores, and it ponders their history, from the barter of butter and eggs to the occasional murder.
book $24.95

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Ghosts of the Bay:
The Forgotten History of Georgian Bay

By Andrea Gutsche, Barbara Chisholm & Russell Floren

300 page book and companion 92 minute video
Over 16,000 copies sold! Take a journey to Georgian Bay's forgotten past. Visit an eerie world of shipwrecks, abandoned boom towns and missions. These worn monuments emerge with their tales of adventure, scandal and folklore, revealing the lively and often brutal experiences of those who dared to make a life on these shores.Highlights over 140 sites, with archival photographs and 50 maps.
book and video package $49.95

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Ghosts of the Great Lakes: More Than Mere Legend
By Megan Long

The Great Lakes have a colorful past that spans hundreds of years, stretches over thousands of milesŠ and sometimes crosses into the spirit world. Ghosts of the Great Lakes takes readers from the far eastern shores of Lake Ontario to western Lake Superior, revealing haunting and strange tales. These whispers from the other side, however, are based in history and fact. One lighthouse site hides the bones of a murdered keeper. Rapping sounds in a family home mark the beginning of the Spiritualist movement in North America. A bride has a premonition that her honeymoon ride will end in death... and soon after, the steamer she was on vanishes. Repeated sightings of ghost ships in the mist. Can these strange phenomena be attributed to the imagination? How can multiple sightings be explained away as mere tricks of light and fog? Read these historical accounts of the Great Lakes' most fascinating ghost stories and judge for yourself. Where does fact endŠ and folklore begin?
ISBN 1-894073-31-2
6 x 9, 176 pages, $24.95

Guiding Lights Tragic Shadows
Tales of Great Lakes Lighthouses

By Ed Butts

A peaceful lighthouse at Prescott, Ontario, was once the flashpoint of American invasion in an undeclared war. Robbers called "Blackbirds" preyed on Lake Erie shipping, using false beacons to confuse their victims. The lighthouse at Oswego, New York, was the site of one of the worst disasters in the history of the United States Coast Guard. A Lake Huron lightkeeper wiped snow off the window of his lamp room, and inadvertently caused a shipwreck. A 14-year-old Detroit River lightkeeper's daughter was the heroine in a courageous rescue.

Lighthouses, from the Upper St. Lawrence River to the head of Lake Superior, have played an integral role in the history, romance, lore and legends of the Lakes. The towers and their keepers bore witness to, and participated in, the dramas of war, shipwrecks, and daring rescues. All while enduring the privations of one of the loneliest occupations on earth.
ISBN 9781-894073-57-6
272 pages, 6 x 9

Mount Pleasant Cemetery
35 minute video

Recounts the development of Toronto's renowned burial ground, including fascinating stories of events and the people buried there.
$19.95 VHS

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Mysterious Islands:Forgotten Tales of the Great Lakes
by Andrea Gutsche, Cindy Bisaillon

An island ruled by a king who declared it his own country, an island used as a hideout by a notorious pirate, an island mined by pre-historic copper miners... these are only a few of the stories in this remarkable collection. The book and film, Mysterious Islands, is a fascinating historical journey to islands in the vast basin of the five Great Lakes. Standing removed and alone, islands have been central to some of the most important, outrageous and tragic events in Great Lakes history, from a decisive and bloody naval battle in the War of 1812, to Prohibition rumrunning, to harrowing tales of shipwreck and rescue. The waves of time have left many islands behind, but remnants of the past still mark their shores- burial grounds, grand hotels, abandoned quarries, lighthouses, strategic forts, and even a castle. Indispensable for boaters, this guide book is brimming with stories of island names, shipwrecks, abandonded places, folklore and intrigue.
296pp. photos & illus. sc 1999

book and video package $49.95
book $24.95 and video $29.95

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The North Channel and St. Mary's River:
A Guide to the History

By Andrea Gutsche and Barbara Chisholm

For centuries, Lake Huron's North Channel and St. Mary's River have provided an essential passageway, first for native peoples and then to successive waves of Europeans. The footprints of Indians, explorers, missionaries and fur traders, soldiers and settlers, entrepreneurs and scoundrels are ever visible. Brimming with stories and folklore, the book includes over 125 sites, maps and archival photographs.
330 pages $24.95

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Northern Lights: Lighthouses of Canada
By David Baird

For the very first time, Northern Lights, draws together the story of Canadian lighthouses. The book is filled with Dr. David Baird's striking colour and black and white photographs of the lights from coast to coast, including the Great Lakes. The accompanying text traces the fascinating evolution of the Canadian lights, Canadian technological developments, and fascinating information and stories about the lights and the people who kept them.
257 page book/200 lighthouses/300 b & w and colour photographs - $29.95

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John By, Hero Without Honour:
The Amazing Story of the Rideau Canal

24 minute video

This documentary film follows the trials and tribulations of Colonel John By, master builder of the Rideau Canal and founder of Ottawa. The late Dr. Robert Legget tells this little known Canadian story about By's challenges and obstacles, his triumphs and eventual tragic end.
$19.95 VHS

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Palaces of the Night:
Canada's Grand Theatres

By John Lindsay

There was no place like it. With its towering marquees, majestic lobbies and magnificent auditoriums, the movie palace was right out of fantasy, transporting moviegoers to the exotic world of the cinema. This entertaining book chronicles the history of Canada's grand theatres from the birth of vaudeville theatres and the opera houses, through the rise and fall of the beloved movie palaces. Original photographs and fascinating stories reveal these enchanted palaces as national treasures.
228 page book, colour inset - $24.95

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The Royal Tour of Canada: The 1939 Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI

By RB Fleming

In 1939 Canadians welcomed their King and Queen in an almost rapturous manner, for the Royal Tour of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth marked the first time a reigning monarch had visited this country. This book of photographs shows the enthusiastic faces of ordinary Canadians and dignitaries, the cities in which they lived, the security surrounding the tour and the cameramen who captured this sweeping event in photographs and movies. The accompanying text provides fascinating insight and compelling behind-the-scenes details. Information was gathered from such sources as Prime Minister Mackenzie King's diaries, papers from the Secretary of State and Governor, General, newspapers and biographies of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.
ISBN 1-894073-37-1
128 pages, 10"x8"

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Secrets of the Lakes: Stories From the History of Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching

By Monica Frim Secrets of the Lakes is a collection of stories and photographs that traces the fascinating history of Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. A popular destination for cottagers and pleasure-seekers today, these lakes were once part of the essential inland waterway that opened up the region and the North American interior to waves of Indians and explorers, fur traders and soldiers, and settlers and entrepreneurs who carved out an existence from the wilderness. This evolution from strategic waterway to tranquil pleasure ground is explored by visiting places where the past still resonates--historic communities, shipwrecks, abandoned sites and stately manors. The book includes over 100 stories and 170 archival photographs from places around Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching to enliven any journey on or around these beautiful waters.
ISBN 1-894073-08-8
272 pages, 6"x9"

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Superior: Under the Shadow of the Gods
by Andrea Gutsche, Barbara Chisholm and Russell Floren

320-page book & 72-minute video
This breathtaking film and book reveals Lake Superior as a world belonging to the gods. The human experience here is one of challenge- our attempts to exploit this place have left ghost towns and other fading marks on these wild and rugged shores. Rare archival footage and photographs, voices from the past, stunning cinematography and a haunting score enrich these compelling sagas. The book includes over 200 sites, maps and archival photographs. & 1999

book and video package $49.95
book $24.95 and video $29.95

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TITANIC: The Great Lakes Connections
By Cris Kohl

Titanic, the world's largest and most luxurious passenger ship in the world sailed on her maiden voyage in April of 1912. But, her Atlanitc crossing was never completed: Titanic struck an iceberg and sank with enormous loss of life. The worst maritime disaster the world had ever known.
More than 300 of the 1,500 passengers were ultimately bound for the Great Lakes region including the province of Ontario. Some of these passengers were en route home; others were hoping to settle in a new land. Some survived the world's most famous sinking; others died without reaching their goals. This book tells their stories.
220 pages, over 100 black & white photographs, $24.95

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The Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore:
An Illustrated History of Railway Stations in Canada

By Ron Brown

This book is a celebration of the marvelous heritage of train stations in Canada. Styles of architecture, stories, and the decline of the stations are all addressed. The text is complemented by 185 archival photos and 24 pages of modern-day shots of the stations200 pages with b/w and colour photographs and illustrations VHS $24.95

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Toronto: Stories from the Life of a City
By Lynx Images

23 minute video

Revealing Toronto during its precarious growth from village to town in the period from 1783-1834, this film is packed full of stories that poke gentle fun at its early inhabitants. Rarely-seen images of Toronto are matched with beautiful 16mm footage of the modern city.
$19.95 VHS

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