Palaces of the Night

Canada's Grand Theatres

By John Lindsay

228-page book

There was no place like it. With its towering marquees, majestic lobbies and magnificent auditoriums, the North American movie palace was right out of a fantasy, transporting moviegoers to the exotic worlds of the cinema.

Palaces of the Night chronicles the history of these impressive landmarks, from the birth of vaudeville theatres and grand opera houses, through the rise and fall of the beloved movie palaces, and finally to the contemporary phenomenon of the mega-theatre. Original photographs and fascinating stories reveal these enchanted palaces as national treasures.

Included are:

Over 270 b&w and colour photographs, many never before published

Intriguing stories and details on theatres from every region in Canada

Entertaining anecdotes and little-known facts about the famous actors and actresses, infamous businessmen and theatre owners, and forgotten inventors and architects who have graced the stage of Canada's rich theatre history.


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