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Lynx Images Inc. is an integrated documentary film production company, book publisher, and distributor, with a reputation for excellence. Since the company's inception in 1988, it has created adventurous historical programs that are journeys of discovery. Partners Barbara Chisholm, Andrea Gutsche, and Russell Floren seek out intriguing people and stories, and explore the remnants history has left behind. The company is currently applying its historical exploration approach to projects of more international scope. Its award-winning films air on History Television, CBC, CTV, SCN, and TVO, and a number of accompanying books are Canadian bestsellers.

Russell Floren and Andrea Gutsche Russell Floren and Andrea Gutsche filming on the Canadian Leader
Russell FLoren

Russell began his career producing dramatic and nature films, and distributing to the non-theatrical market, and has moved on to focus on producing historical documentaries. Combining his production and distribution experience, Floren innovated in 1994 by expanding beyond the broadcast market, and developing new distribution channels for documentaries. He graduated in film from Ryerson Polytechnical University, and has worked television and radio since the mid-1980s.

Barbara Chisholm and Andrea Gutsche Barbara Chisholm and Andrea Gutsche
Barbara Chisholm

Barbara has been active in documentary film for over ten years producing, directing, writing, and researching. Her recent production, Superior: Under the Shadow of the Gods (Producer/Director/Writer), won a Silver Screen Award at the U.S. International Film & Video Festival. In her six years with Lynx Images, she has ensured a consistent high standard for the film productions and books. She received an Hons. BA in history from Queen’s University. Prior to entering the documentary field, she worked at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

Andrea Gutsche

Filmmaker and author, Andrea Gutsche, has ten Canadian historical film and book projects to her credit, including four best-selling books. Raised in Saskatchewan, she studied art at the Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver, and film at Ryerson Polytechnical University in Toronto. In 2005 she graduated from the Canadian Film Center's Director's Lab and won the Jim Burt award from the Writer's Guild of Canada for best feature screenplay.


Lynx Images is linking Canadians to their past through books and films filled with engaging stories and dramatic photography


Our projects are journeys of discovery, expeditions to forgotten sites where the past still resonates


a small, dedicated group of writers and filmmkaers who believe that history is something for all of us to explore.

Here's to a Future of bringing you more of the past.

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